Health Care Reform

Federal Health Care Reform (HCR) was enacted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010. To help you understand these new regulations and how they apply to your self-funded benefits plan, Health Plans has developed Compliance Bulletins and other informational notices.

We will update these pages as additional guidance and implementing regulations are issued. Be sure to check back periodically to stay informed of the most current updates. 


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Compliance eBlast - PCORI Fee Payment Due from Plan Sponsors by July 31, 2023 (4/2023)


PDF icon Compliance eBlast - IRS New Eligibility Standards and the Family Glitch (12/2022)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - ACA Form 1095, 2022 Coverage Reports (12/2022)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast - Plan Changes For 2023 (10/2022)

PDF icon Compliance eBlast: Updated United States Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations (5/2022) 

PDF icon Compliance Alert - Group Health Plan Transparency Rule (3/2021) 


PDF icon Compliance Alert - Updated Section 1557 Regulations (8/2020)


PDF icon Compliance eBlast - New SBC Format (3/2017)

PDF icon Compliance Alert - ACA Section 1557 (10/2016)

Compliance Bulletin

PDF icon Transitional Reinsurance Program (9/2016)


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Compliance Alert: ACA Form 1095 Coverage Report/Cadillac Tax Update (11/2015)

PDF icon FAQs - ACA Form 1095 Coverage Report (11/2015)

Compliance Bulletins

PDF icon Transitional Reinsurance Program (9/2015)

PDF icon ACA Update (6/2015)


PDF icon Updated Compliance Guide (12/2014)

PDF icon Compliance Alert: Counting Rx Expenses toward the Out-of-Pocket Limit (9/2014) 

Compliance Bulletins

PDF icon Transitional Reinsurance Program and Administrative Simplification(10/2014)